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Crafts have always been a passion of mine but it was only when we had our daughter that my love for paint your own pottery was realised. In wanting to capture Eloise's tiny hand and foot prints (and at 8 weeks premature she really was teeny weeny) I came across the perfect keepsake as a gift for friends and family in paint your own pottery, and there was where our story began...


But it was a few years on before I got to make my dream a reality. Unfortunately after over 25 years of having Type 1 Diabetes and a rough pregnancy to boot, time took its toll and I developed Diabetic Retinopathy. After numerous laser eye treatments, surgeries, injections in each eye and with continued strict and good blood sugar control I was still experiencing eye bleeds – affecting my eyesight and with a dangerous risk to long term vision if it continued. We decided as a family that health was to come first as we wanted to watch our little girl grow and see what amazing things she would create. So took the life-changing decision to quit work. We felt my eyes needed to be away from a computer screen and stressful environment and instead put my hands to work doing what I have always loved. CRAFTS. Determined to live by the mantra that life is short and we will live it doing what we love.


So in 2019, we built a workshop in our back garden to house our kiln and kit and is where I go to get crafty. And in 2020, during a global pandemic we launched our little business to help bring some fun to people's doors whilst stuck indoors.


We have always loved hosting parties for family, friends and now the little ones, and with an arsenal of craft supplies we have always been the ones to come to. Hopefully, you can now join us to take advantage of what we have to offer.


Do you have anything else you would like us to try? Have an idea but feel you don’t have a crafty bone in your body? Or running out of time and need us to help you out? Please contact us, we are always looking forward to a new challenge!

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