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At Fired Crafts, we have a constant stock rotation to keep our bisque (pottery shapes) as up to date as possible and can look to order special pieces if requested.


​​To get involved it’s as easy as...



Get in Touch

Order a Paint at Home Pottery Kit, get in touch to book a Pottery Party or organise an event with us.



Order it

Order your pottery pieces, then collect your paint at home pottery kits, book a date for your pottery event or party and we bring it all to you.



Make It

Then it’s time to get crafty! you will have all the tools you need to decorate your masterpiece in your kit and then return it for glaze and firing when finished. 

We use Stroke and Coat paints, these are all food safe and non toxic! These paints can look dull upon application, but don’t worry they produce amazing vivid colours when glazed & fired.


Once your piece is painted, we take it back to our workshop and this really is where the magic happens!

Firstly, we allow your piece to dry completely and then we give it a check for any dust as this can affect the next step... 


...which is to dip your whole piece into a big bucket of clear glaze! This covers any bits that have not been painted. This is to ensure that if you have painted a mug for example it is completely food safe and that none of your hot chocolate finds its way into the pottery.​

When it is dry we get to sanding your pottery. Each piece that you make gets carefully sanded by hand to smooth out any ruffles or bubbles in the glaze.​

We then dry foot each piece (wipe their bottoms) this is so that they don't stick to the kiln shelves. Your piece is now ready to be fired! We load up our kiln and set it to fire at almost 1000° and is ready a day later.

It truly is a magical process and every time we open the kiln at Fired Crafts it is just as exciting as the first!

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